Datum Tijd Thuis Uit
25 nov 09:00 Haaksbergen JO9-1 Buurse JO9-1G
25 nov 09:45 Bon Boys JO11-6 Buurse JO11-2
25 nov 10:00 Rigtersbleek JO13-4 Buurse JO13-1
25 nov 15:00 Buurse JO17-1 v.v. Twenthe JO17-3
2 dec 09:30 Buurse JO9-1G WVV '34 JO9-1
2 dec 10:00 Sparta E. JO11-5 Buurse JO11-1G
2 dec 11:00 Buurse JO13-1 Victoria '28 JO13-6
2 dec 13:30 ST: FC Eibergen/Rekken JO17-3 Buurse JO17-1
9 dec 08:30 Rigtersbleek JO9-2 Buurse JO9-1G
9 dec 09:30 Buurse JO11-1G BSC Unisson JO11-1G
9 dec 10:00 Holten JO11-4 Buurse JO11-2
9 dec 11:00 De Tubanters1897 JO13-5 Buurse JO13-1
9 dec 15:00 Buurse JO17-1 FC Trias JO17-3
16 dec 08:30 Bon Boys JO13-5 Buurse JO13-1
16 dec 09:15 DEO JO11-2 Buurse JO11-2
16 dec 11:15 WVV '34 JO13-3G Buurse JO13-1

Many youth sports coaches claim to be great talent identifiers, and point to the results of their 11 year all star team as proof. Yet they are not talent identifiers. They are talent selectors. The difference could not be more striking, or more damaging to our country’s future talent pool in many sports.

Talent selection is the culling of players with the current ability to participate and be successful in events taking place in the near future. Talent identification, on the other hand, is the prediction of future performance based upon an evaluation of current physical, technical, tactical and psychological qualities. Talent selection is pretty simple; talent identification is an art. One yields great results today; the other builds elite athletes and winning teams for the future.